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Stoic Anxiety Mastery

The ultimate psychological toolkit drawing on ancient Stoicism and modern science to help you transform debilitating fear into heroic courage.

A new way to overcome anxiety and build emotional mastery

  • Even if… you’ve struggled with it for years

  • Even if… you’ve tried meditation, journaling, breathwork, and more without lasting success

  • Even if… you feel like you lack support and are often misunderstood by people around you

  • Even if… you feel like you don’t have enough time to slow down and find true peace of mind.

  • Especially if… you have dreams that have been on the back burner for too long. And you’re tired of feeling limited by the constant worrying, overthinking, and self-criticism.

"This course was powerful. It helped reframe a lot of the ways in which I mentally processed my anxiety and fears. Listening to Jon's voice as we were guided every step of the way felt comforting and created the sense of 'you are not alone' which in itself was healing. I strongly recommend this course to everyone, irrespective of the stage of life you find yourself in. It gently converts information to wisdom."

Shayamal Vallabhjee, Mindset Coach to Olympic Athletes

Your mind is a powerful weapon

Do you feel like you are capable of so much, but you are standing in your own way? Do you ever feel like your mind gets the better of you and keeps you small? Do you go through life with an attitude of avoiding things that make you uncomfortable or scared?If so, I'm glad we've found each other. This was my reality for many years.When I was 18 years old, I was held hostage at knifepoint in a moving car and this changed my life forever.Soon after this incident anxiety became a major factor in my life. At first, it started as general hyper-vigilance, scanning the environment for potential threat but then it started to shift into different forms.Fear of confrontation, intense social anxiety, panic attacks, and hypochondria became a baseline way of being.People on the outside didn't "get it" because to them, I was "not thinking rationally about the situation."Beyond the general difficulties that come with having anxiety there is a more poignant problem that comes with this affliction:The feeling you are not who you are meant to be.When you have anxiety...It feels like you’re tiptoeing around your true potential.With every move you make, your body is telling you that something just isn’t right.Every day, it seems to get worse. Every move feels forced. You have no confidence in yourself. Your world is continuously overshadowed by a looming fear of the unknown that is closing in on you.You see, you have an incredibly powerful mind.When it’s time for you to reflect, it can be one of your deepest superpowers. But there are times when it works against you...This is what anxiety is: the power of the mind turning against itself.Like all powerful weapons, in the hand of an unskilled beginner, they can be deadly to oneself.But put a sharp blade in the hands of a master samurai and you will see the ultimate display of self-defense.Who would you rather be?

stoic anxiety mastery

Core Curriculum

To conquer anxiety, you must attack it from all angles and leverage every intervention available. The curriculum is built around mental exposure training, rational inquiry, visual contemplation, and Stoic skill building.

🧠 Part 1: video lessons on anxiety theory

Over 20 video modules that explain exactly how the mechanisms of anxiety work, then how to grow in courage. Learn the attitudes and interventions the ancient Stoics recommended and why.

🧘 Part 2: Stoic Guided Visualizations

Drawing on the wisdom of the ancient Stoics and modern science, this 7-day visualization course helps you truly start changing the way you think. The theory in part one unlocks the principles you discover here.

✍️ Part 3: Psychological writing exercises

Expressive writing is one of the most powerful tools in the Stoic arsenal of techniques. Use pre-loaded journal templates to think rationally in the face of anxiety and how to go about facing your fears.

⭕️ Part 4: Emotional Mastery Bonuses

Gain access to a host of other bonus courses on social anxiety, trauma healing, goal-setting, radical gratitude, and more. Over 10 hours of bonus course material are provided to help you flourish in all aspects of your life.

The Fundamental Goal of healing anxiety

Escape the mindless path

Live the examined life

Stoic Anxiety Mastery


The 4-Part Anxiety Destroying Toolkit Includes:

  • 20+ Video Modules

  • Research-Proven Journal Templates

  • Comfort Zone Challenges

  • Laser-Focused Visualizations

  • Lifetime Upgrades

  • + Emotional Mastery Bonuses

  • Our 100% risk-free 30-day guarantee

my adversity is your advantage

Do you ever feel like anxiety is stopping you from living your life to the fullest?Maybe you're struggling to connect with others or feeling stuck in a rut.I totally get it — I lived in this headspace for many years.But I didn't let anxiety define me, and neither should you.Rather than submit to my fears, I dove deep into the research and found many exceptional practices and psychological frameworks that helped me turn my anxiety into a source of creativity and self-expression.I tried countless 30-day challenges, meditations, journalling prompts, and therapeutic interventions.I read bestsellers and obscure essays. I scoured through psychological research and ancient texts including those from Stoicism and Buddhism.And guess what? Eventually, I started to develop a map. With persistence and lots of refinement of my systems, it worked!I'm now living a life that I never thought was possible.I've solo traveled the world as a digital nomad, maintaining an international web of friendships and starting social hubs everywhere I go.I've delivered workshops for thousands of people and won Jiu-Jitsu competitions against highly trained competitors.I've shared my writing online to millions of readers and built a flexible career that allows me to do fulfilling work on my own schedule.None of this magically happened overnight, but with the right tools and practices, you too can overcome anxiety and pursue the things that excite you without feeling like you're constantly second-guessing yourself.And the best part is, the solution is universal. I've given the same Stoic Anxiety Mastery blueprint to over 4,000 people and the results are staggering.This is the course I wish I had when I struggled with anxiety. Those who have used my anxiety system love it, and I'm happy to give you this experience risk-free.If you don’t like it after truly going through it, send me an email and I’ll give you a refund.Don't let anxiety hold you back any longer. Join me on this journey toward a life filled with freedom, creativity, and authentic self-expression.

Money-Back Guarantee

I believe in Stoic Anxiety Mastery so much that if it doesn’t totally change your life, I’ll refund you in full. Promise.

What does "Stoic Anxiety Mastery" mean?

On the teachings of jon brooks

People Say

"By far one of the most well-planned prepared and executed courses that I have done. Not just that, but the wonderful way in which Jon manages to connect eastern meditation practices, with Stoic meditations, coupled with cutting-edge and complex psychology from modern science; with what we know about the human mind, heart, and soul connection today; that we did not know even as short as 50 years ago. Finally, a masterful delivery in the English language. Thank you for bringing to life my personal Stoic practice Jon, especially at a time when I thought I knew a thing or two."

Asim, Dubai

"Wow… stepping into myself and facing my deepest fears was hard. But I came out stronger on the other side! This course has changed me for the better and I look forward to following more of Jon’s work."

Ryan Rapaport, USA

"Absolutely loved this course, I plan on redoing it over many times. As a side, I usually avoid anything marketed as "ancient wisdom", but in the case of Stoicism, this was truly a wise system for living and thriving. Jon does a fantastic job of combining Stoic teachings with a modern understanding of anxiety."

Doug Gannet, Austrailia

"Jon Brooks is an exceptional interpreter of the Stoic Philosophies. My husband and I are full of gratitude for finding him at this time in our lives. When we first started the course we arrived with what we perceived as a number of unpleasant and stressful challenges to face. Having completed the course we feel our burdens lifted and shifted to now view those same things with awe, reverence, and indeed sincere gratitude."

Mari, USA

what to expect

How will this change your life

When you follow the steps you will experience changes as soon as you start applying the practices.Here's what will change:

  • No more walking around with a knot in your stomach bracing yourself for disaster

  • Feel significantly less anxious without needing to give up things you love

  • Saying "yes" to many more opportunities and living a much richer life

  • Spontaneous bursts of joy due to the absence of suffering

  • Sharper ability to navigate all negative emotions skillfully not just fear

  • Better relationships because fear and insecurity are no longer major triggers

  • New social skills that make it easy to interact with anyone on planet earth

  • Reduced fear of failure and increased productivity and creative expression

  • Ability to make friends and express yourself without self-doubt and feeling stuck

  • Move beyond any "fixed" situation into a new reality that is chosen by you

meet your guide

Jon brooks

Jon Brooks is a Stoicism teacher and, most importantly, practitioner. His Stoic meditations have accumulated thousands of listens, and his Stoic Handbook ancient technique breakdowns provide a unique take on an otherwise outdated approach to this beautiful philosophy. Jon continues to thoroughly research the philosophy of Stoicism but also draws on his own life experiences, such as his background in martial arts and understanding of the science of effective learning, to innovate these ancient ideas, creating a true Stoic training program, which he believes is a missing component in the modern teachings of Stoicism.

Frequently asked questions

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This is a common misconception. Modern use of the word "stoic" often implies a lack of feeling. Stoicism properly applied not only draws you closer to your emotions, but it also instructs you on how to manage them effectively. You learn to feel gratitude and joy more fully without being tossed around by anxiety or frustration.

Of course. Letters from a Stoic, Meditations and other classics are absolutely worth reading. But this experience goes beyond simply absorbing information. Stoic Anxiety Mastery focuses on implementing these principles and practices so you experience a shift in your way of being that goes beyond just stuffing more knowledge in your head.

Stoic Anxiety Mastery is $297 in a single payment. Alternatively you can use a payment plan and complete 3 x $99 purchases. There may be taxes factored in at the checkout page, depending on where you live. But there is no fluff, no hidden fees, no bullshit. A single, affordable price point.

Absolutely. All of the core course, the workshop recordings, and all bonuses will be permanently available for all participants.

Modern anxiolytic interventions are poisoned with the idea that anxiety is a disease, a neurobiological chemical imbalance that needs to be eradicated. This puts you at a war with yourself and your ancient wisdom. I take a dramatically different approach that combines philosophical frameworks with research-proved systems where the starting point is seeing anxiety as a source of insight for positive life development.

This is exactly one of the stories that anxiety cultivates in people. That you’re somehow so different from the billions of humans to ever exist and find peace within themselves. These are exactly what we’re going to change in this experience. We also have constant community support, meaning we can dive in and deliver support directly relevant to you and your unique life circumstances.

Stoic Anxiety Mastery


The 4-Part Anxiety Destroying Toolkit Includes:

  • 20+ Video Modules

  • Research-Proven Journal Templates

  • Comfort Zone Challenges

  • Laser-Focused Visualizations

  • Lifetime Upgrades

  • + Emotional Mastery Bonuses

  • Our 100% risk-free 30-day guarantee

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